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Lap-Pack is a scientifically validated low fidelity box simulator which can be used as a personal trainer for imbibing laparoscopic skill sets. Its simple, sturdy, portable design requires only 5 steps to assemble. Lap-Pack has self-sustainable features like minimal maintenance, energy efficient and easy control. It is scientifically validated and supported by research organizations like National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), Global Health Research Group on Surgical Technologies (GHRG-ST) and University of Leeds, UK.  

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Supported by:

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Scientifically Validated

  1. Chauhan, M., Sawhney, R., Da Silva, C.F., Aruparayil, N., Gnanaraj, J., Maiti, S., Mishra, A., Quyn, A., Bolton, W., Burke, J. and Jayne, D., 2021. Evaluation and usability study of low-cost laparoscopic box trainer “Lap-Pack”: a 2-stage multicenter cohort study. IJS Global Health, 4(5), p.e59.

  2. Franco, C., Sawhney, R., Burke, J., Aruparayil, N., Chauhan, M., Bolton, W., Mishra, A., Valdastri, P. and Jayne, D., 2021. P15: EVALUATING THE INTERNATIONAL USABILITY OF A LOW-COST LAPAROSCOPIC TRAINER IN LOW-AND HIGH-INCOME SETTINGS. British Journal of Surgery, 108(Supplement_1), pp.znab117-100.

  3. Wilkinson, E., Aruparayil, N., Gnanaraj, J., Brown, J. and Jayne, D., 2021. Barriers to training in laparoscopic surgery in low-and middle-income countries: a systematic review. Tropical doctor, 51(3), pp.408-414.

  4. Aruparayil, N., Gnanaraj, J., Maiti, S., Chauhan, M., Quyn, A., Mishra, A., Bains, L., Mathew, G., Harris, C., Cundill, B. and Fellows, A., 2021. Training programme in gasless laparoscopy for rural surgeons of India (TARGET study)-Observational feasibility study. International journal of surgery open, 35, p.100399.

Used and appreciated by trainees at

  1. Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, India

  2. Kolkata Medical College, Kolkata

  3. Association of Rural Surgeons, Coimbatore

  4. St. James Hospital University Hospital, Leeds

  5. Sierra Leone, Africa


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